We use our unique technologies and development capabilities to satisfy the needs of our customers and lives of people.

We maximize functions and processing technologies
of non-woven fabrics to respond to our customers’ needs,
and deliver beauty, security and
comfort to people’s lives.

Enrich people’s lives

We offer a variety of products that support cleanliness, security and comfort through OEM

Skin care sheets

Skin care sheets

In addition to highly functional face masks and gel sheets using proprietary technologies, we also develop and provide products with new textures, such as cream masks and melting sheets.

Skin care sheets
Wet sheets

Wet sheets

We supply wet sheets that can be used for pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, toiletries, automotive products, and many other applications.

Wet sheets
Chemical filling

Chemical filling

We can also fill chemicals into sachets, pouches, bottles, etc. We have experience in filling a variety of products from skin care to hair care products.

Chemical filling

Meet your needs

Meet your needs with specialized processing technologies, advanced production systems, and development capabilities


Sheet masks


Unique special processing technologies
cultivated over many years

A great product is created by fusing specialized technologies owned by our departments of manufacturing, quality control, production technology, and development.



We can flexibly
produce from small to large quantities

We have built flexible production systems to sensitively respond to user requirements regarding production volume and delivery time.

Research and development


Development capabilities in pursuit
of functionality and stability

We conduct thorough aging tests upon product proposal and development. We strictly control the product quality considering the stage of delivery to and use by consumers.

Cosmetic OEM and ODM

Ensure safety and security

Established high-quality production systems based on GMP

We deliver safe and secure products through strict quality control systems based on the Cosmetics GMP as well as advanced systems and sanitation facilities, including our own DI Water System.

About Quality Control
Quality control
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Research and Development

KANAE TECHNOS is committed to developing new technologies and creating new value that will meet diversifying needs of customers and markets and enrich people’s lives.

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