Research and Development

Develop unique technologies and products
based on customer needs and the world’s latest trends

KANAE TECHNOS is not just an OEM company; we also focus on developing unique technologies and products to become a solution-proposing company with creative development.
For this purpose, our developers visit customer companies to survey their needs and
participate in cosmetics development exhibitions in Japan and overseas to collect and analyze the latest trends.
We also listen to the voices of overseas customers by participating
in overseas exhibitions to create new values every day.

Patents, utility models
and designs

More than

Development of
new products
per year

Hired by many
famous overseas

Examples of our proprietary technologies

Uniform impregnation of chemicals

We can also evenly impregnate powder-containing chemicals or high-viscosity formulas such as creams.
We can propose a high-value-added face mask.

Pouch filling

We design unique facilities and equipment to fill products even in pouches that are difficult to fill, such as two- or three-compartment pouches and spout pouches.

Package compatible with SDGs

Paper packaging materials are also available to meet the needs for using non-plastic materials. We are also working on development of monomaterial packaging.

Strength 01

A highly specialized “group of professionals”

A great product is created by fusing highly specialized technologies
owned by our departments of manufacturing, quality control, and development.

Development Department

Development Department

It has teams specializing in “preparation of chemicals,” “selection of non-woven fabrics/packaging materials,” and “special delivery forms”

  • – It has teams specializing in preparation of original chemicals and selection of non-woven fabrics and packaging materials,
    and we can propose from formulation design to packaging specifications according to your needs.
  • – We have consolidated internal production of special products such as cosmetic gel products.
  • – Our developers directly visit customers and listen to their needs.
  • – We directly deal with famous overseas brands, and have worked with many so far.
Manufacturing Department

Manufacturing Department

Construct a system capable of manufacturing a variety of products by examining the design of production machinery

  • – It has four factories with 23 devices for preparing chemicals and 39 filling and packaging devices.
    We use different lines according to the needs of our customers to produce a variety of products.
  • – We can also evenly impregnate powder-containing or high-viscosity chemicals.
  • – If existing equipment is not usable, we may design some exclusive production machinery.
    We can quickly establish a mass production system for your original product.
Quality Control Department

Quality Control Department

Acquired ISO 22716, the international standard. Accept audits of more than 20 companies annually

  • – We have specialized staff and equipment capable of analyzing pharmaceutical products and raw materials.
  • – Together with the Manufacturing Department, we established a system to avoid problems and deviations.
  • – We accept audits of more than 20 companies annually, including overseas companies.

Strength 02

The “proposal-oriented development system” generates value beyond expectations

At KANAE TECHNOS we comprehensively propose the most suitable chemical formulation, non-woven fabric and packaging materials according to your product concept. Please be assured even if your company is new to cosmetics and does not have expertise. You can also talk to us about a rough concept, for example “We want create a product symbolizing the spring season” or “We want to develop a product that attracts a certain target.” Our departments of development, manufacturing, and quality control work together to develop products that exceed customer expectations.


Product Range

Skin care sheets

In addition to highly functional face masks and gel sheets using proprietary technologies, we also develop and provide products with new textures, such as cream masks and melting sheets.

Skin care sheets

Wet sheets

We supply wet sheets that can be used for pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, toiletries, automotive products, and many other applications.

Wet sheets

Chemical filling

We can also fill chemicals into sachets, pouches, bottles, etc. We have experience in filling a variety of products from skin care to hair care products.

Chemical filling