Company Profile


List of Executives
  • President and CEO: Shiro Uesaka
  • Senior Managing Director: Akihiro Shono
  • Managing Director: Kazuhiro Noguchi
  • Director: Kazushi Ochi
  • Director: Takashi Nakazawa
  • Corporate Auditor: Yasuhiro Otani
February 13, 1986
240 million yen
No. of employees
196 (as of October 21, 2023)
93-27, Tei, Kunita-cho, Kanonji City, Kagawa Japan
Phone: 0875-56-0850 (main) Fax: 0875-56-0815
Business Description
  • 1. Manufacture and sale of cosmetics
  • 2. Manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals and quasi-drugs
  • 3. Manufacture and sale of medical devices
  • 4. Manufacture and sale of sanitary products
  • 5. Manufacture and sale of nursing care equipment and supplies
  • 6. Manufacture and sale of veterinary drugs, veterinary quasi-drugs, and veterinary medical devices
  • 7. Manufacture and sale of paper
  • 8. Manufacture and sale of insect repellents and air fresheners
  • 9. Manufacture and sale of dietary supplements containing vitamins and other nutrients
  • 10. Any business incidental to the preceding items
Affiliated companies
  • ・KANAE Co., Ltd.
  • Crystal Tower 23rd Floor, 1-2-27, Shiromi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-6023 Japan
  • Phone: 06-6945-1223
  • HP:
  • ・KANAE CS PACK Co., Ltd.
  • 3-14-13, Takakura-cho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka 534-0011, Japan
  • Phone: 06-6921-7500
  • HP:
  • ・Elisent Co., Ltd.
  • 757 Shussaku-cho, Kanonji City, Kagawa 768-0011, Japan
  • Phone: 0875-24-1090

Greeting from the President

We will continue to provide new value through our absolute quality, flexible development capabilities and inventiveness, and a spirit of taking on challenges.

  • Kanae Technos is a company of the Kanae Group mainly manufacturing products based on non-woven fabrics. Starting with the commercialization of wet tissues, up to the present day we have, as a cosmetics OEM company, been involved in the development and manufacture of skin care products for various kinds of customers, not only in Japan but also overseas.
  • We are proud of our company’s strengths which are its flexible development capabilities and inventiveness which allow us to think ahead and cope with rapidly changing trends and overseas regulations by making full use of our domestic and international networks, and its spirit of taking on challenges to achieve its ideals as well as a production system that conforms to international quality standards such as GMP ISO 22716 for cosmetics, guaranteeing our absolute quality. In addition, we are not just a cosmetic manufacturing company, but have a wealth of non-woven fabric processing technology and know-how that we have cultivated over the years, and a track record of developing several hundreds of different formulas both in Japan and overseas so the integrated manufacturing that allows us to manufacture products from the formulation development stage to the final product is also one of our strengths.
  • We believe that our mission is to constantly respond to the needs of our customers in the midst of diversifying healthy lifestyles. By allowing each and every one of our employees to work autonomously we will contribute to a sustainable society by continuing to provide new value without becoming trapped in the stereotypes of the past. We look forward to your continued patronage.

Shiro Uesaka
President and CEO


For the happiness of people,
we will create new value and contribute to health and a prosperous lifestyle.

For the happiness of all employees

We believe that companies are there to help people, and not the other way round. If our employees are able to live a fulfilling life through working in our company, we think that is a wonderful thing.
We will build a company based on the keywords of “hope,” “pride,” and “work satisfaction.” “Hope” refers to the feeling that your life will gradually become more fulfilling as you move towards the future. “Pride” means having confidence and joy in being an employee of our company. “Work satisfaction” refers to a feeling of personal fulfillment and accomplishment in working. We believe that this will lead to the happiness of our employees.

For the happiness of the people involved in the Kanae Group’s business

We believe that we can contribute by putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers in all aspects and providing them with products that are useful to them and that they feel comfortable using.
However, on the other hand, we at the Kanae Group by ourselves cannot contribute to our customers even if we think that way. We believe that in addition to building relationships of trust with people whom we carry out various transactions, we also need cooperation and support so that everyone involved in the Kanae Group’s business can feel good about doing business with the group.

For the happiness of everyone in society

We are interested in everything that people need to stay healthy and lead a comfortable and prosperous lifestyle. And we keep wondering if there’s anything we can do in that regard. Our mission is to contribute to society by creating such high-quality products and services and we believe that as a result, this will allow people to achieve health and a prosperous lifestyle, and happiness.
Furthermore, we should realize that it is our mission to preserve the Earth and its environment, which is blessed with abundant nature, forever, and we will strive to preserve the global environment as a good member of society by manufacturing products that are environmentally friendly.

Origin of the company name

The word “Kanae” in Kanae Technos is taken from a Chinese metal pot (kanae, or a pot with three legs) used to boil food, and this emphasizes the unity of a trinity by seeking commonality in the fact that it is supported by three legs and serves a purpose.
The trinity in this case refers to people, goods, and money, and is a fusion of the three forces of cooperation, effort, and perseverance. It means that the three forces maintain a balance and develop without losing that balance. As for “Technos,” it expresses the hope of becoming a company that emphasizes “technological capabilities” and “manufacturing.”




Feb.13, 1986

Established Kanae Kagawa Co., Ltd.

Started processing of non-woven wet wipes
Gained the first license in Japan for a quasi-drug using non-woven fabric


Launched a wet face mask made of impregnated non-woven fabric


Commercialized hydrogel

Introduced products of non-wet forms

Apr. 2000

Kanae Kagawa Co., Ltd. acquired the Kagawa Plant of FUKUYO Co., Ltd. and changed its name to KANAE TECHNOS Co., Ltd.


Became a 100%-owned subsidiary of KANAE Co., Ltd.

Mar. 2005

Completed the Head Office Factory

At the same time, the head office was transferred to the Head Office Factory
The old Head Office Factory was called Kanonji Factory


Commercialized a cream-impregnated mask

Applied for a patent for oil-rich gel

Established a technology to blend oil up to 40% (patent registered in 2012)


Commercialized WSS (melting film)


Established Elisent Co., Ltd., a 100%-owned subsidiary (April 2)

Applied for a patent for magic oil-rich gel (registered in 2017)

Acquired Eco-Action 21 certification (for Head Office Factory and Kanonji Factory) (October)

Oct. 2014

Completed the Head Office No. 2 Factory


Commercialized a ready-to-apply cream mask

Dec. 2017

Was recognized as a company that will lead to future growth in the region

Jul. 2018

Acquired ISO 22716 certification (for Head Office No. 2 Factory)


Acquired ISO 22716 certification (for Head Office Factory) (October)

Acquired ISO 22716 certification (on Kanonji Factory) (November)

Oct. 2020

Acquired Eco-Action 21 certification (for Head Office No. 2 Factory and Tokyo Sales Office)

Mar. 2021

Completed Head Office Factory No. 3

Oct. 2021

Won EcoVadis Silver Medal

Oct. 2022

Acquired Eco-Action 21 certification (for Head Office No. 3 Factory)

Nov. 2022

Won EcoVadis Silver Medal

Sites List

KANAE TECHNOS Co., Ltd. Head Office and Head Office Factory

  • 93-27, Tei, Kunita-cho, Kanonji City, Kagawa 768-0040 Japan
  • Phone: 0875-56-0850
  • Fax: 0875-56-0815
  • Business Licenses
  • Quasi-drug manufacturer’s license 37DZ006010
  • Cosmetic manufacturer’s license 37CZ009013
  • Premises: 10,248 m²
  • Total floor area: 8,276 m²

KANAE TECHNOS Co., Ltd. Kanonji Factory

  • 757 Shussaku-cho, Kanonji City, Kagawa 768-0011, Japan
  • Phone: 0875-57-5350
  • Fax: 0875-57-5370
  • Business Licenses
  • Quasi-drug manufacturer’s license 37DZ005003
  • Cosmetic manufacturer’s license 37CZ008003
  • Premises: 3,516 m²
  • Total floor area: 3,143 m²

KANAE TECHNOS Co., Ltd. Head Office No. 2 Factory

  • 93-17, Tei, Kunita-cho, Kanonji City, Kagawa 768-0040 Japan
  • Phone: 0875-23-7051
  • Fax: 0875-23-7061
  • Business Licenses
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturer’s license 37AZ200007
  • Quasi-drug manufacturer’s license 37DZ200014
  • Cosmetic manufacturer’s license 37CZ200026
  • Premises: 7,574 m²
  • Total floor area: 7,076 m²

KANAE TECHNOS Co., Ltd. Head Office No. 3 Factory

  • 250 Hanaina, Onohara-cho, Kanonji City, Kagawa 769-1613 Japan
  • Phone: 0875-52-3533
  • Fax: 0875-52-3534
  • Business Licenses
  • Quasi-drug manufacturer’s license 37DZ200020
  • Cosmetic manufacturer’s license 37CZ200041
  • Premises: 20,387 m²
  • Total floor area: 10,823 m²

KANAE TECHNOS Co., Ltd. Tokyo Sales Office

  • TM Building 4th Floor, 1-19-2, Nihonbashi Ningyo-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0013 Japan
  • Phone: 03-6661-9716
  • Fax: 03-6661-9824