• Pharmaceuticals
  • Quasi-drugs
  • Cosmetics
  • Miscellaneous goods

Our diverse portfolio takes full advantage of our non-woven fabric functions, formula manufacturing and
processing technologies.

Our company has been developing wet sheets since they were first introduced in Japan, and has developed a comprehensive business from product planning to manufacturing, focusing on packaging, which is our specialized area, and
handy products that can utilize various certifications we have obtained.
We have established a strong position
as a leading wet sheet company through our unique chemical formulations, processing technologies,
development of non-woven fabric applications, and thorough quality control.

Wet sheets

Key Points

  • – We can evenly impregnate with powder-containing formulas.
  • – The non-woven fabric size can be as large as up to 60 to 600 mm width × 200/300 mm pitch.
  • – One or several sheets of non-woven fabric can be processed.
  • – Working with major non-woven fabric manufacturers in Japan, we handle a wide variety of non-woven fabrics. We propose the best non-woven fabric based not only on the sheet size, but also on the intended use and desired functionality.
  • – We can also fill with hazardous chemicals such as ones with a high alcohol content. (Head Office No. 3 Factory)
  • – We manufacture a wide range of products from pharmaceuticals to miscellaneous goods. In addition, we have produced a large number of sheets to be used not only for people but also for objects.

[Application examples]
Personal applications: Sterilizer, insect repellent, antiperspirant, moisturizer, sunscreen
Object applications: Car wipe and window wipe

Antiperspirant sheet
Table wipe

Examples of quasi-drug efficacies

Disinfection/armpit odor prevention/acne care/skin irritation prevention