• Quasi-drugs
  • Cosmetics

Skin care sheets

Provide masks and sheets pursuing functionality and uniqueness


(wet facial mask)

  • Quasi-drugs
  • Cosmetics

We can make a wide range of proposals, from selection of raw materials to formulation and packaging, for commercialization of quasi-drugs and cosmetics.

A wide range of functional non-woven fabrics are available, including soft non-woven cotton fabrics and laminated non-woven fabrics with wrapping effect, and we propose non-woven fabrics designed to synergize with the chemicals to be used. We also focus on face masks used for not only cosmetics but also for quasi-drugs and obtained a number of approvals for quasi-drugs. We propose combinations of various formulations and non-woven fabrics. Although it usually requires a long period to commercialize a quasi-drug after regulatory application, we can accelerate this process to some extent by using the precedent examples of our company (including our group company Elisent).
* We also have many original cosmetic formulations. Please contact us for details.

Face Mask

Combining three functions to develop and propose a highly functional wet facial mask

Functional non-woven fabric

Formulation design

Packaging form

Key Points

  • – From formulation design to development and manufacturing, we offer suggestions in all processes as requested.
  • – We can propose a wide variety of mask shapes and packaging forms.
  • – We can flexibly produce from small to large quantities.
  • – We can evenly impregnate high-viscosity chemicals.

We respond to a variety of requests, such as a mask made of colored non-woven fabric or a transparent package design. Please contact us for details.

Sheet masks
Mask in a transparent package

Examples of quasi-drug efficacies

Skin brightening, acne care, and wrinkle reduction


*The following are examples. We can make suggestions according to your request, so please consult us.


(synthetic polymer gel sheet)

  • Quasi-drugs
  • Cosmetics

With our unique processing technologies and know-how, we can control adhesion to the skin and gel texture.

A hydrogel sheet is a support medium such as non-woven fabric and plastic film covered with a thin layer of gelatinous chemical combining water-soluble polymers to retain shape. We offer a lineup of three types, including water-rich and oil-rich formulas. Leveraging our unique processing technologies and know-how, we can control adhesion to the skin and gel texture.

Hydrogel sheet (synthetic polymer gel sheet)

Example of mask shapes

They can be in a variety of forms, from full-face to partial masks.

Full face

Shape for cheek care

Shape for eye care

Shape for lifting up with four-point ear-flaps


*The following are examples. We can make suggestions according to your request, so please consult us.


(natural polymer gel sheet)

  • Cosmetics

A softer, flexible, moisture-rich gel sheet containing natural polymers.

AQUA-S is a gel sheet containing a unique ratio of natural thickening gelling agents. It excels in separating from water, and the surface tension of the separated water and the added chemical results in adhesion between the skin and the gel. It is characterized by a fresh feeling upon use, high transparency, and ease of processing.

AQUA-S (natural polymer gel sheet)

Key Points

  • – Stretchy, soft, and strong, it can be processed into masks of various sizes.
  • – It has a cooling effect with a very fresh feeling and high transparency.
  • – AQUA-S completely dissolves when put it in warm water.
  • – We can also offer a vegan, cruelty-free formula certified by the Japan Vegan Association.

This video introduces an overview of AQUA-S.

It shows how to use AQUA-S.


Ready-to-apply cream mask

  • Quasi-drugs
  • Cosmetics

It creates the new idea of a “ready-to-apply” cream instead of a cream you need to spread yourself. Easy to use, no uneven application.

This “ready-to-apply” cream sheet mask uses the technology to process hydrogel sheets. It is user-friendly because it is simply placed on the face without spreading the cream and allows an even application unlike when spreading by hand. In addition, laminated non-woven fabric, a combination of non-woven fabric and film, is used as a base material to improve ease of handling and permeability.

Ready-to-apply cream mask

Special-care mask
made of a sheet
coated with
high viscosity cream

High wrapping
effect from
using special
non-woven fabric

High moisturizing
effect with
“ready-to-apply” cream

Printing on
allows development
a mask with
a sophisticated design Registered as
a utility model

Key Points

  • – It can be also used for development of a quasi-drug.
  • – Multiple approvals have been obtained with this product, and we propose a combination of various formulations and non-woven fabrics.

Its high moisturizing effect has been proven in tests.

  • *in-house test data

Examples of quasi-drug efficacies

Brightening/wrinkle reduction

Example of mask shapes

New models can also be made. Please feel free to contact us.

Sheet masks


Water Soluble Sheet (WSS)

  • Cosmetics

Made of a melting sheet, this film serum transcends the boundary of a skin care sheet.

Water Soluble Sheet is a water-soluble film made of film-forming materials such as natural polysaccharides and cellulose derivatives. Because of its water solubility, it can be dissolved not only with water, but also with toner or serum, creating an unconventional film made of serum.

Water soluble sheet

Key Points

  • – This very thin patch film is 20 to 40 μm thick.
  • – The melting speed can be controlled.
  • – Various water-soluble active ingredients can be added, expanding the possibility of partial or special care.

It can be used in conjunction with an existing toner, serum, or face mask to suggest new uses.

Sheet masks

Product Range

Wet sheets

We supply wet sheets that can be used for pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, toiletries, automotive products, and many other applications.

Wet sheets

Chemical filling

We can also fill chemicals into sachets, pouches, bottles, etc. We have experience in filling a variety of products from skin care to hair care products.

Chemical filling